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Could There Be A NICER Place for Tacos in Marshalltown?

Don't know if you heard this story----this past week even CNN jumped on it. It has kind of a happy ending...

Alfonso Medina, the owner of La Carreta Mexican Grill in Marshalltown Iowa had his mind blown, frankly, from the negative reaction to a sign he'd put up at his business.

"We Believe" was on a sign outside his business this summer...that sign also said "Black Lives Matter" and "Love is Love". Now I know that "Black Lives Matter" is controversial to some but all of these are pretty positive, don't you think? Well, at least one customer took such offense that he sent Medina an anonymous letter, saying the sign "insults and disrespects Christianity and America".

Alfonso Medina answered the anonymous letter on Facebook with a lengthy response, finishing by saying "No love, no tacos".

Isn't that great? "No love, no tacos"---I couldn't agree more.

Well, it went viral from there---he got such a positive reaction from that statement on Facebook that he put up another sign, this time the sign was a billboard, just saying "No Love, No Tacos". That led to merchandise, t-shirts and other items with "No Love, No Tacos" on them. And, some of the profits of this merchandise are being put toward the Medina Family Scholarship at Marshalltown Community College, which Alfonso Medina started in 2015. You can buy the merchandise HERE.

Everybody loves "No Love, No Tacos"...I might make it my official life slogan!

Thanks Alfonso, for spreading the love...and the tacos.

No Love No Tacos t shirt

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