Labor Day's Here - What Was Your First JOB?

Unless we're retired or independently wealthy, we all work at something. It might be something we LOVE to do, but it's still our job.

So my question for this Labor Day weekend is, what was your first job?

For me, the first thing I got paid to do was model boy's clothes for a department store in my hometown in Milwaukee. The picture below is me about that time--4th or 5th grade. Later, I did some work that I got paid for, for my Dad's Culligan dealership. Growing up I worked baling hay, cutting grass at the golf course in Galena, and while I was in radio school in Minneapolis, I worked at a grocery store.

At 18 I started in the business I'm proud to say that I STILL AM IN---radio broadcasting.

I'd like to hear about your first job, so please email me or post your comments on WLLR's Facebook page HERE.

Jim O'Hara 5th Grade

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