A Brand New Lineup on WLLR Starting Monday 1/20/20

WLLR is proud to welcome a brand new lineup to WLLR starting Monday (1/20/20)!

New to WLLR in middays is Billy Greenwood, from iHeartRadio in St Louis. The new lineup will be:

5-10am Leuck & Howe, 10am-3pm Billy Greenwood, 3-6pm Jim O'Hara, 6-9pm Pat Leuck and 9p-12am Dani Lynn Howe. You'll hear Jaren Saturdays from 10am-2pm and Sundays 5-9pm. Welcome to WLLR, Billy Greenwood! Here's what he looks like.

Billy Greenwood
Billy Greenwood in Studio
Billy Greenwood with Chris Young

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