In Iowa, We Prefer Basic Black

When I first saw the Iowa 'Blackout Plate' back in July, I thought maybe it was some sort of temporary plate...but no, these are real license plates--and they're selling like hotcakes (ask your grandpa about that expression)!

In an article in the Des Moines Register over the weekend, a DOT spokesperson said they've never had any other plates that have been this significant--none have been this popular, this quickly. The blackout plates cost $35 for a standard alpha-numeric plate; personalized plate is an additional $25--or $60 total. Want to order one? Your local county treasurer's office should be able to help you out.

Didn't Henry Ford famously say about the Ford Model T that 'you can have any color, as long as it's black'? (Again, grandpa is a great resource).

Maybe the color is the REASON they sold so many Model T's!

Courtesy Iowa DOT

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