About Tiger Woods...and My Dad

Watching professional golf was one of my Dad's favorite pastimes. It was something he and Mom had in common. I had played golf in high school, so it was really a fun watch for the whole family. Years ago on Sunday afternoons we followed the TV adventures of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and others. Later, in retirement, Dad and Mom would watch a tournament every weekend, usually beginning on Thursdays.

In the 1990's they latched on to a young Tiger Woods. They thought it was pretty cool that Tiger's Dad had also been his coach. And who wasn't mesmerized by the talent? Tiger could PLAY. Like, SUPERHUMAN play.

My Mom passed away 8 years ago this summer, after which my Dad's life was never the same. He loved her so much. When it came to watching golf on TV, for Dad, the only constant was Tiger Woods. He could root for Tiger every weekend and it brought back good times with Mom.

Then Tiger disappeared from the weekly golf scene a few years ago, with family problems, physical issues--and it seemed his game had "lost a step". Last spring, Dad and I talked about whether Tiger could win the 2018 Masters---I said, "Dad, I think maybe between his back issues--and the incredibly talented younger players--maybe Tiger's time has passed." I could tell he was disappointed by that comment---Dad was still hopeful where Tiger was concerned.

Last June my Father died. Mercifully, it was a brief illness and he passed away at home--just like he wanted to do. We even got to watch some golf together on TV before the end.

All of which brings us to yesterday afternoon and Tiger Woods' win. I know one thing for certain, at least one TV in heaven was tuned to the Masters. And for Mom and Dad, it was just like old times.

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