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What's YOUR Spring Thing?

As the calendar flipped to SPRING this week, it dawned on me that there are SO MANY things I love about spring! Let's start with:

10) Daylight Savings time! We all hate losing an hour sleep but it is SO nice to have some time outside after supper.

9) Opening the windows. For a change! It seems like it's been forever since we breathed fresh air.

8) Tulips. I LOVE seeing these come up in the spring.

7) The sound of birds outside my window (related to #8, above). It's like--we're not alone anymore! There IS life!

6) The smell of my neighbor cooking out.

5) Buds on the trees.

4) The earthy smell of good 'ol Iowa dirt.

3) Not having to wear boots anymore.

2) People in shorts. It's actually kind of weird to see SKIN again after so many months!

1) Baseball. Really the BEST thing about spring. Buy me some peanuts & Cracker Jack. It's 2-2.5 hours when you can forget about ALL your cares and get lost in a close baseball game.

What's YOUR Spring THING? Tell us on WLLR's Facebook page. In fact, show us some pictures while you're at it.


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