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8 Things NOT to Leave in a Freezing Car

I found this list, which might give us all something to think about as we approach some SERIOUSLY cold nights. Here are 8 things you definitely do not want to leave in your car overnight tonight (delivered as Casey Kasem might, in countdown form:)

#8 Eggs. Eggs shouldn't be allowed to freeze in their shells--if they do, throw away any cracked eggs. Keep the UNcracked eggs frozen, and move them to the refrigerator before use. The freezing causes the yolk to become so thick and syrupy that it won't blend well with the egg white or other ingredients.

#7 Music Instruments. They get out of tune.

#6 Canned Foods. Who'd have thought? But letting a can of beans freeze allows for the water to freeze & expand.This could break the seal and spoil the food.

#5 Soda or Beer. Your formerly deliciously cold refreshing beverage can become an exploding device.

#4 Medication. Some medications--insulin for instance--can lose their effectiveness if they freeze.

#3 A Low Gas Tank. Keeping a fuel tank at more than half-full helps prevent fuel lines from freezing. And none of us wants a frozen fuel line.

#2 Cellphones. Apple advises against storing the iPhone or iPad at temperatures below minus 4 degrees, and they shouldn't be OPERATED in temps lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

#1 Loved Ones. Self explanatory.


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