Best Football Mom EVER

The Green Bay Packers  added a new player at the end of their season: Kapri Bibbs. He got into a couple of games with the Packers before their season mercifully ended yesterday (12/30) in Green Bay against Detroit.   But the story of what Kapri's Mom did for him on a cold night nearly 11 years ago has to be one of the best Mom-deeds-for-a-son that I've ever heard of.

Kapri grew up in Chicago but was a diehard Packers fan, the son of a Mom who also was a huge Packers fan.  How BIG of a fan was Bibbs?  Well, on January 20th, 2008, when the Packers hosted the NFC Championship game against the New York Giants, it was cold.  SUPER COLD.  A night game in January at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin kind of cold. 

Kapri, watching the game on TV in Chicago, wanted to truly experience the game.  So he asked his Mom if they could open all the windows of their home, turn off the heat, and watch the game.....she said YES.

That's MY KIND of Mom.

(My Mom loved me but I doubt she would have allowed that!)

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