One Night for Our Military-Listen Sunday Night @ 7

Megan and Ryon Mullins from Bettendorf--both US Army veterans, were winners in WLLR's 'One Night for Our Military' Contest.  They're just back from LA!  Be sure to listen to hear the concert played back this Sunday night (11/11) at 7pm on WLLR.   Here are Megan's thoughts now that they're back in the Quad Cities:

We made it home safely from our trip. It was amazing! The concert was amazing with no extravagant production just acoustics and only around 100 people in the venue, very cool. The best part was talking to other veterans. 

We could spot them a mile away at the hotel and around town and it’s such a special group. Being a veteran you can just walk up to another you have never met and sit and talk like old friends. So proud to be apart of it. It was amazing to hear stories from people. 

We met a handful of Purple Heart recipients as well as a seal who fought alongside Chris Kyle (the American Sniper) and we all sat around the pool with beers sharing experiences. Once you leave the military it can be very lonely, and this felt like one big family reunion. Thank you so much for the opportunity! 

Megan Mullins

Megan and Ryon Mullins at One Night for Our Military
One Night for Our Military Outside
One Night for Our Military Crowd

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