What Do You Love MOST About Halloween?

What do you love MOST about Halloween?

There’s no doubt that Halloween has gone from just one day on the calendar year to an entire SEASON. And it seems to me that just about everybody LOVES it.  My question to you is…why? What do you love MOST about Halloween?  

Is it the dressing like someone (something) you're not? I get why some people would get a kick out of that.  But it does nothing for me.

For me, it’s about the candy…specifically the chocolate.  It’s fair to say that for me, my normal candy bar consumption from November 1 to September 30 is about, give or take…ZERO.  This is a fact: I have never purchased a candy bar.  They are of no appeal to me normally…but lay out a few Milky Ways…or Hershey’s bars…during October, and I’ll arm-wrestle you for ‘em!

Candy Corn

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE candy corn!!

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