Mind-blowing Peppers!

If you've listened to me for a while you know I LOVE hot...I eat a jalapeno every day....I put peppers on everything but breakfast cereal. 

And pepper-eating contests are all fun and games until somebody eats a Carolina Reaper and ends up in the ER with a headache often associated with a brain hemorrhage. 

In upstate New York, a 34-year-old with “no significant medical history,” ate his Reaper — it’s the Guinness World Records’ hottest pepper — and immediately started dry-heaving The man then developed “intense neck and head pain” that, over the coming days, grew into “intense thunderclap headaches lasting seconds.” 

Thunderclap headaches are a real medical condition, and according to a report in the New York Times, they can “indicate the kind of stroke that results from bleeding in the brain.”

Yikes! I guess there IS such a thing as TOO hot!

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