Music Collectors--This is For YOU

Join WLLR for the 'BIG SPIN SECOND-HAND MUSIC SALE”—Sunday January 28th at the Davenport River Center. Proceeds to the Scott County Mental Health Court program.

Do you have old second hand music: vinyl, 8-tracks, CDs, musical or sound equipment, etc? This is for you!  Reserve a booth to SELL your second hand music by going to  It's all sponsored by Genesis, the University of Iowa Community Credit Union, and WLLR!

(INFO: BUY STUFF. INVEST IN MENTAL HEALTH. The goal is simple: sell second-hand music--whether vinyl, 8-track, CDs, equipment, etc.--and use the proceeds to benefit the Scott County Mental Health Court pilot program.  The Scott County Mental Health Court is a program that helps non-violent offenders effectively manage their mental health conditions instead of putting them behind bars)