Teachers (and TA's) Rock!

This is just a cool story.  I've always thought teachers rock...but this reinforces my theory.  

Teaching assistant Bethany Martin decided to celebrate her birthday by doing acts of kindness for others instead of collecting gifts for herself.  You should know this about Bethany---she has always puts the kids first.  She's sent letters of appreciation to different people every day, delivered flowers to law enforcement officers, and her biggest goal is to get new shoes for the kindergarten students at her school, Sequoya Elementary in Tulsa Oklahoma.  

After Martin saw students coming to school in torn and worn-out sneakers, she decided to give them new shoes.  She measured their feet, asked about styles and color they like, and started raising money to get a new pair of shoes for each of the 80 kindergarten students.  But when her GoFundMe page raised over $17,000, she expanded her plan to include new kicks for every kid at the school--all 620 of them.  

Bethany Martin--we salute you---and teachers and TA's everywhere who put the KIDS FIRST!

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