Somebody's Eye is Going to Get Poked Out!

The “10 Worst Toys” list is out---so kids be careful or somebody’s eye’s going to get poked out! Superheroes may be a hit at the box office, but some of the toys being spun off of the movie franchises aren't finding fans among consumer safety advocates.

The Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword and the Spider-Man Official Movie Spider-Drone are among the “10 Worst Toys of 2017,” an annual list from a Boston-based nonprofit called World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH.

The list also includes fan favorites like the Itty bittys stacking toy by Hallmark that was recalled last summer.

Strings, small parts, rigid surfaces, projectile pieces and toys that emit toxic substances are all potentially unsafe when it comes to toys, warned WATCH President Joan Siff and Director James Swartz at a press conference.

"It's alarming that there are so many toys out there that are unsafe," Siff told USA TODAY. "These are not the only ones." Since December, there have been 15 toy recalls in the U.S., according to Siff.

Read the full story from USA Today HERE.

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