Is 7% Increase in Tuition at Iowa Realistic?

You’ve been to the U of Iowa---or you know someone who has.  Maybe you’ve even helped to pay your son or daughter’s tuition.  Here's the situation: University President Bruce Harreld told a Board of Regents Tuition Task Force last night that the school was recommending the annual 7 percent increases for the next 5 years. If approved, the increases would raise tuition from $7,486 for the upcoming year to $10,537 by the fall 2022 semester. The nonresident undergraduate tuition rate would also increase by just over 2 percent annually for the next five years.

My question is, is this realistic?  There is no doubt to me that the University of Iowa is an excellent school. For MANY people college is the way to go, and a diploma will likely increase your net worth.  But is a 7% annual increase for 5 years straight appropriate given the amount of student debt most college kids are already saddled with after their 4 (or more) years at school?

I'm told that the 4 year graduation rate at Iowa is at about 51%...and you (OK, I) have to wonder whether that isn’t at least partly due to the fact that students (and their families) find they can’t AFFORD that much for their education.  Give me your opinion on our FACEBOOK PAGE.