Fight, for Your Right, to PAAAAAAARTY....

And people LOVED it!

I have to admit, the start of Dustin Lynch's show last night (8/1) at the Great Mississippi Valley Fair kind of startled me.  When he opened with the Beastie Boys' hit "(You've Got to) Fight for Your Right (to Party)", I got that feeling you get when you drive your car after dropping it off to be serviced and discover that the tech probably is a bigger fan of late 80's hip-hop/rock than you are.  But it was beautiful...from there it was on to "Hell of a Night" and Dustin's other hits, and before long the crowd streamed out of the grandstand, telling us in the WLLR booth that they LOVED the show.  NO ONE complained.  Isn't that cool?

Only at the Mississippi Valley Fair! See  you tonight for Tyler Farr.