a Drone!

Technology helped rescue two men and their dog who got lost when hiking the Devil’s Head trail in Colorado. The men had limited cell service, so thankfully they were able to call 911. But instead of an all-night search with lots of volunteers, Douglas County Search and Rescue Team used a drone to find them - and it only took a few hours! And not only did the drone help find the lost hikers faster, the technology is a lot more budget friendly for their all-volunteer team that’s funded primarily on donations. “Now, scientifically we try to plot out a lot more where the subject is,” Incident Commander Bruce Fosdick explains. “We use a lot of different assets. Dogs, drones, helicopters. We try to do a lot more with a lot less people and try to get it done a lot quicker.”  

Wonder if a drone would help me get out of a corn maze this fall?

Drone Locates Hikers

Drone Locates Hikers

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