Prom Night In Champaign

He played four shows in three days – plenty of hits in front of thousands of fans – but Garth Brooks experienced a true first on his World Tour this past weekend…and he shared it with the world Monday night live on Facebook! “The greatest element of entertainment is surprise,” Garth says. And in Champaign he got a real one when he spotted a young woman – “Kate” – in the crowd for the first of Saturday’s two shows with a sign that read, “Gonna be late to prom – Garth comes first!” Unable to look away, Garth stopped the show and asked Kate what the deal was. When the young lady explained that her prom was indeed that evening…Garth urged her to go and invited her to come back to his second show later that night. Then – when he discovered she didn’t have a date for the prom – he went a step further, announcing he’d bring her onstage to shoot one of the confetti cannons that are fired off during his performance of “Friends In Low Places.” Kate did…and she did it with gusto – dressed in her prom gown, complete with wrist corsage, updo and makeup (Check out her “prom photo” with her eventual “date”)!