The Face of An Angel

Did you ever know someone, who though never pronounced as such by the Pope--literally was an ANGEL? Let me introduce you to one: Barbara Knight.  

I did not know Barbara well, I tend to get immersed in my work--and when the St Jude Radiothon's going on, I have tunnel vision.  But every year that I can remember, Barbara volunteered to handle the phone banks at the WLLR St Jude Radiothon---and though our visits were brief, she was always SO positive, so driven to help St Jude Children's Hospital.  After I read Barbara's obituary in today's paper, I was even more impressed in this person.  Active with Epsilon Sigma Alpha for 50 years, she volunteered for EVERYTHING, helping the Child Abuse Council, Children's Therapy Center, the Mallard Booster Club and many other projects.  

Today we remember a Quad Citian who didn't just THINK ABOUT helping others...she FOLLOWED THROUGH. Tirelessly.