Really? End Daylight Savings in Iowa?

I think our lawmakers generally work hard to create laws that will IMPROVE our way of life, but ponder for a moment, this: Iowa Senate File 168, sponsored by Senator Jeff Danielson from Cedar Falls, which would establish Central Standard Time as standard time throughout the year.

OK, I get why this guy wants to do away with Daylight Savings Time.  It's a headache from any one of a number of angles...but let me offer up a thought: IOWA IS NOT AN ISLAND.  Though I'm sure a lot of Central Iowans think it is...what about, say, folks in eastern Iowa---like, right next to Illinois? And if Illinois doesn't also change their DST could drive from 4:15pm in Bettendorf to 5:16pm in Moline...even if traffic was good on the I-74 bridge.  Either keep Daylight Savings Time---or do away with it all across America!

Read all about this (in my opinion LAME) idea in the Des Moines Register HERE.