Wow, this is wild, one minute I'm eight years old listening to WLLR on the school bus...now I'm on the air!

Clearly I'm a true blue QC child (I also lived in Indiana for two years, so I have a little Hoosier in me too)! My mom says I uttered my first words as a one-year-old and basically haven't stopped talking since. I have a writing degree from St. Ambrose that I hope to turn into some bestselling novels someday. I spend a lot of my spare time trying to read all the books that have accumulated in my room. What's my favorite type of music? Depends what day it is. Although I'll never say no to some early 2000s Brad Paisley or Kenny Chesney. My favorite things are lemons, penguin socks, cups of tea, and mind-blowing facts about space. Don't forget to do something silly today!



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