There's Some Drama Happening Before Raymundo's Wedding This Weekend

Raymundo's highly anticipated wedding is finally happening this weekend. He's not at all nervous and ready for the wedding to finally be here.

However, things took a turn this weekend when some last minute drama started going down. He shared with The Bobby Bones Show that there were 5 separated incidents of issues happening around the wedding.

First he shared that his fiancé's bridesman's suit doesn't fit. He ordered it online and it got in this week, and the suit was too long and too tight. Next he shared that his parents couldn't find anyone to watch their hunting dogs. So now they're bringing the dogs down to Nashville with them, but they don't have a plan for where the dogs are staying. Then, his 90-year-old grandma who is already traveling for the first time to come to the wedding, broke her leg. She's wearing a boot and it's going to make her traveling that much more difficult.

The last two Raymundo mentioned are definitely just as stressful. He shared that his best man was having problems getting a flight into Nashville and the flight he was able to get doesn't get in until late Friday night. Then he topped off all the drama by sharing that there is a 50% chance of rain on his wedding day. Thankfully the wedding is inside, but rain can stress out any wedding day.