WLLR Welcomes Joe Nichols To The Rust Belt In East Moline

Saturday October 10, 2020 at Murphy Park in East Moline, IL at the Bend.

This is a Socially Distanced concert where Pods will be purchased that hold up to 6 people. The customer is purchasing the pod for one price and can have up to 6 people max. Pods will be tiered pricing from front to back. There are 5 tiers available:

  • Tier 1 - $350
  • Tier 2 - $320
  • Tier 3 - $275
  • Tier 4 - $225
  • Tier 5 - $189

Tickets can be purchased at www.rustbeltqc.com Customers are encouraged to bring a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy their pod! All safety and show details are online at www.rustbeltqc.com Tickets on-sale now. We only have 239 “Pods” to sell, buy now and get your crew ready later!

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