Where are ALL Those Seniors Going?

In an effort to stay healthy and sane, I take a two mile fast walk every morning on the Duck Creek Bike Path.

One late morning I was walking and I saw at least 24 golf carts driving down the path toward Kimberly Road in Davenport. One of the carts slowed down and the cheeky driver said, "Is this the way to Kansas?"

BAHAHAHA!!! Good one old man!

Too bad I turned off the camera just before he said that.

Coming from Florida, where there are more golf courses than any other state (1,250), it's hard for me to wrap my head around the concept that there are that many privately own golf carts in Davenport...but I digress.

Back to my story. These seniors may have been on their way to play golf, but each cart had 4 seniors in it. 96 seniors is NOT not a friendly game of old fart golf, that's a freaking tournament. There were more seniors in those carts than in most nursing homes.

In the end, I settled upon the idea that just maybe they were on their way to a great early bird lunch special. Why do I think that? Because two hours later they went the other way past the WLLR studios.

A game of golf takes a whole lot more than two hours.

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