Keith Urban's "We Were" Music Video

Keith Urban's new music video for his current hit "We Were" is unique for many reasons.

It was filmed in a stylistic one shot method where one camera follows him in one long continuous shot. As with most country songs, the music video showcases Keith singing the song's lyrics in a casual person to person style, almost like he's talking to you like you're his BBF.

The video has him wandering from studio to studio to play different guitars as the song progresses. I love this concept because it's so personal. In some ways I also I feel the wandering is a bit contrived. It was obviously choreographed to perfection. He hit all his marks perfectly. This is the kind of long scene where if you are slightly fast or too slow at hitting you next mark, you have to start the whole shot over again. I wonder how many takes it took until the director was happy?

Over all, the video is stunning and Keith is amazing.

Keith Urban had a personal connection to the song from the moment he heard it.

“When I first heard ‘We Were,’ I not only heard it, but I saw it”. “It made me feel something. I like the idea that life just happens. At some point, in the moment or not, you just gotta go with it.”

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