Alien Hunters Have Pledged on Facebook to Raid Area 51 in Search of ET

This will blow your mind.

Around 500.000 people have signed up on Facebook to storm the secret military base in Nevada called area 51. UFO enthusiasts have long believed that the U.S. is keeping aliens there that have crash landed on earth.

I am totally not kidding, but I think the creator of the event is.

The Facebook event, titled Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop Us All, is set for September 20, 2019. Based on the silly ideas involved in how to storm a military base, you have to be kidding or CRAZY to raid anything belonging to the U.S. Government.

Despite the fact it's most likely a Facebook prank event, you know some fool or mentally ill person will show up thinking it's real. I hope no one gets hurt.

I have actually been on this, in the middle of nowhere, military base.

I was driving to Reno from Vegas, with my three month old daughter, and I suddenly realized I was running on flumes. I drove up the base driveway to the guard house and begged them to let me refuel on the base. They did, but not before the searched my car. My daughter and I waited in a military vehicle as a officer drove my car and put gas in it. good thing they did, in those days there weren't cell phones. I could have been murdered with my baby trying to find gas.

The base is on the side of a steep mountain ridge and the desert floor below is where area 51 is located.

Looked like nothing special to me... and no I didn't see any blue skinned ET's running around.

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