Today is 7-Eleven Day and That Means FREE SLURPEES For Everyone!

Every year convenience store 7-Eleven offers FREE Slurpees on the month and day that matches their name.

Who doesn't love a ice cold Slurpee on a hot summer day?

Moms and dads with bored kids, this is the perfect FREE treat that will leave all your munchkins delighted. They even have $1 pizza slices today to go along with their free Slurpees.

Watch the video below for details.

Since the 1960's Americans have been sucking down 7-Eleven's icy sugar soaked brain freeze in a cup. In the early to mid 60's Slurpees were called ICEEs. In 1967 they had a brilliant idea to change the name to the sound everyone makes when they sip a Slurpee through a straw. Good idea 7-Eleven marketing person.

My favorite Slurpee flavor is Cherry and I often mix the classic coke flavor with the Cherry. I love the taste for them together. FYI mixing them together reduces the red mouth and lip effect that the Cherry produces. It's super frizzy that way. I love carbonation in a Slurpee.

What's your fav flavor?

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