Video of Baby Elephant Chasing Birds Will Make You Smile

Who can resist the cuteness of a baby at play? Not me. I have a major soft spot for human and baby animals. That's why I LOVE THIS VIDEO and had to share it with you.

This playful baby elephant chasing birds is hard for me to watch without cracking a smile. In this adorbs video Junior gets so carried away chasing these birds, who scatter without flying away, that he slips and takes a nose...or trunk dive. It's after his fall that his bravery fails him and he goes running to mama for comfort. Way too cute.

I dare you to watch this playful video and not end up seeing the brighter side of life. We all need a little laugh to ease our minds and hearts of life's hardships.

Happiness is infectious. This video may be just what you need to change your day from bad to good, or average to wonderful.

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