Quad Cities: What Summer Means To You

Today is June 21st and that means summer has officially begun in the Quad Cities. The first day of summer is meteorically called the summer solstice. No matter what you call it, it's SUMMERTIME!

After our bitterly cold and snowy winter and a rain soaked spring; summer has officially made it to the Quad Cities and everyone is excited about it. We may not have been able been able to ditch the rain yet but the long, hot, sun fill days are just around the corner.

Summer means a lot of things to many people. Kenny Chesney, in his 'Summertime' music video, states summer to his country music fans means: tailgating in the parking lots, being free and living easy. To Kenny and his band summertime means: playing way too loud and having a whole lot of fun doing it. AMEN Kenny!

To me it means: long sun filled days, flip-flop wearing hot weekends where an icy beer is to die for, back-yard barbecues, corn-dogs and country concerts at the Great Mississippi Valley fair.

What does summer mean to WLLR lsteners?

Jenny in Rock Island: Hot days with lots of sunshine

Patrick in Clinton: Food filled large family get together's and one more season to go till fall

Missy in Moline: Boating, Drinking beer, and cookouts

Linda in Washington, Iowa: Freedom from cooking...she works in the kitchen in the Cook County School District


Leave your comments below. I'll update the post to include your thoughts on what summer means to you.

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