More Believers Coming Forth and Some from The Government!

I Believe, Do You?

I Believe, Do You?

Many years ago, as a Boy Scout, (I know hard to believe I was a Boy Scout) on a camping trip at Loud Thunder, it was a very clear night and about 1:30 a.m. or so, I was up and about and looking at all the stars thinking what a big universe I (We) lived in......about 20 minutes later I saw a series of bluish/red of lights to the south of the our camp site, they moving erratically left, then right, then up, after about 10 minutes.....Swoosh......Gone! I told my fellow scout Darrin about it, He said you saw a plane or helicopter or something...called me nuts! I know what I saw. To this day, I believe. Yeah some will think I'm crazy...but I think if you believe in God, how could this little blue orb (Earth), be the only planet in the vastness of space, That he/she gave the gift of life? I also believe in my lifetime, we will make verifiable contact with beings from, well, only God knows, out on the picture for the story.....

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