Texas Walmart Cashier's Random Act of Kindness Gets Paid Forward

A random act of kindness just before Christmas has had a life changing ripple effect for Texas teen, John Lopez Junior. When a shopper saw him pick a woman’s $110 grocery tab that she was struggling to pay, the shopper shared what happened on Facebook. That Facebook post has been shared over 1.7 thousand times. 

Random acts of kinds always come back to the giver in the most amazing ways. Sometimes, the ripple is small and barely noticeable. Other times, the ripple effect reaches far and can change the life of all in its path including, the original benefactor. This is what happened to John. Watch the report by CBS Dallas/Fort Worth to see the heart warming Christmas miracle of giving that has John now able to pay for college.

If you are touched by this teen's story you can contribute to his college education on the GoFundMe account mentioned in the CBS story. To go there Click HERE

The lesson we learn from John's story is kindness = love and it's infectious, which is good because the world could use a lot more of that kind of love in 2019. 

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