Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annie's 'I Got My Name Changed Back'

Ever Since Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley performed their rowdy single "Got My Name Changed Back" on the CMA Awards, country music fans have been asking, did Miranda and girls pull a Taylor Swift style jab at Blake Shelton? 

This theory is fueled by the lyrics that are remarkable similar to their 2015 divorce. Lambert has stated she will not reveal WHO the song may be about. Her remark is all the confirmation many need to draw their own conclusions that the song is about her divorce from Blake. Disproving the theory, Miranda is not the only one who's divorced in the trio and Blake's reaction to the single was positive. He doesn't feel attacked or that the song throws shade at him. It's clear that while Miranda is still working through her feelings about the divorce, Blake has moved on to a happy life with Gwen Stefani

"I Got My Name Changed Back" is the first single from the Pistol Annie's newly released 3rd album, Interstate Gospel. The trio's sophomore project debuted at No. 1 on Top Country Albums Chart when it was release on November 2.