The personal dramas continue for Joey + Rory:  In his online blog, Rory Feek shares that his wife and singing partner underwent cancer surgery last Friday.  He details their story, explaining that Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer following a routine check-up.  Rory says Joey underwent a radical hysterectomy to make sure all the cancer was removed, since the mass was "growing aggressively." 

The best news of all? He adds that the operation, which Joey underwent at Nashville's Centennial Medical Center, was a success.  Rory says follow up tests "came back clean," and Joey "won't need chemo or radiation."  Joey was released from the hospital just a day after the surgery, and Rory says "her swelling is going down and spirits continue to go up." Rory adds that they've relied on their doctors and their faith to get them through what's been a "terrifying and thrilling" year. 

Don't forget, in February the couple celebrated the birth of Indiana, their first child together, who's also Joey's first baby.  Days later, they learned  that their infant daughter had Down Syndrome.  Rory says it's been a remarkable experience caring for little Indy.  He also notes that throughout her cancer ordeal, Joey's only concerns have been about how having the disease might affect her ability to take care for her daughter.  As he puts it: "The truth is…'cancer' is such a little word compared to the word 'love.'" True that.