Last week Taylor Swift started posting clues, that many thought would lead to information on a new single and album. First was an Instagram video of Taylor pushing the 18th button in an elevator, followed by a screengrab of her phone reading “5:00” with a drawing of the Statue of Liberty and a Yahoo search. And while we may still be getting album news, the clues seem to just be telling where and when we'll get it.

Taylor announced yesterday that she’ll be hosting a Yahoo LiveStream on August 18th at 4 pm, although she did not say anything about what exactly she’ll be discussing.  The LiveStream will likely reveal news of Taylor’s next album, especially since this isn’t the first time she’s used a Yahoo LiveStream to announce similar news. In 2012 she did the same thing in connection to her “Red” album.

In other Taylor News…the country superstar is in the new movie “The Giver,” opening Friday, and now a clip featuring Taylor has hit the web. The clip shows a hologram of Taylor sitting at a piano, as she gives Jeff Bridges’ character a lesson. Click here to see...The Clip From The Giver.