Taylor Swift will be part of the first ever music issue of 'Food Network Magazine'.  Swift will be featured with her new cooking friend, 'The Barefoot Contessa', Ina Garten.  As you might recall, back in March, T-Swift posted a selfie with Ina, and gushed about spending the day cooking and bonding with her in the kitchen.  As we predicted, that turned out to be a shoot for the magazine’s “Music Issue.”  Apparently, Ina and Taylor cooked together at Ina's house in the Hamptons and Taylor brought along her mother and brother for the day.  While her brother, Austin, happily snapped some pictures, Taylor and Ina cooked a mustard-roasted fish and a Pavlova while the two sipped whiskey sours.

Billy Corgan, Sammy Hagar and Ja Rule are also part of the first edition of the music issue.  Look for it on newsstands June 24th.