Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Taylor Swift  is a nice person. And over the weekend she proved just how nice she is by giving a very special performance to a six-year-old battling cancer.

Taylor visited the Boston Children’s Hospital to visit  Jordan Lee Nickerson, who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at nine months old, and had to undergo open heart surgery. Then last month he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

You’d think with all that little Jordan would be down, but in video taken from Taylor’s visit, you can see just what an adorably happy kid he is.  And when Taylor asked him what song he wanted to hear her play, he simply asked her to play her favorite, so she broke into “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” We dare you not to smile…it’s impossible. Click here to see...Taylor Singing To Jordan.

But There's More... Yesterday Taylor posted a video on Instagram, with the message “So here’s the first clue…” and many believe it’s got something to do with a possible new album. The video shows Taylor pushing an elevator button, specifically the number 18, which has lead to a number of different guesses of what it could mean, including a possible single on August 18th or maybe even an album, possibly on October 18th, since all six of Taylor’s previous albums came out in October.  Of course, 18 could also be the title of the record, or the number of songs on the album, it’s really anybody’s guess at this point. Well, except for Taylor’s.