People Country Magazine just named Luke Bryan as the sexiest male country music singer, beating out the likes of Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw and Hunter Hayes to name a few. "From his monster hits to his country boy shake," the mag offers. "The 37-year-old Bryan tops our list of sexy country men this year." As part of the profile, editors asked Bryan what he finds sexy in a woman. "Confidence, the ability to wing it and the ability to get fancied up and pretty," he replied. "I love the girl next door thing, the whole thing of, you know you're pretty but not going too far with it." Of course, those qualities fit his wife, Caroline, perfectly. And for those curious,  Luke met his bride long before he was famous - when he in college at Georgia Southern University. He openly admits that her looks "blew him away." Other tidbits: 

  • What gets you laughing? "Watching my boys [Bo, 6, and Tate, 3] do cute stuff. Tate had a baseball game yesterday and he was running the wrong way and doing all these things that had everybody in the stands just cracking up laughing. I don't know if he knows how cute he is, but he's having fun." 
  • What would your wife Caroline say is your worst habit? "Hmmm ... there are so many! Probably talking on the cell phone. Or answering it during dinner. The best thing for me is to leave it in the car and then I know I won't answer it. Whenever I'm like, 'I left my phone in the car,' she's like, 'Ooh – special!' " 

Check out Luke and 51 other sexpots in the new issue of "People Country Magazine," which arrives on newsstands today.