Sure he said he was going to take it easy this year, but Kenny Chesney is doing anything but. Aside from a little touring, he’s apparently been working on some new music – music that he’s so excited about, that he’s releasing it early! The song, “American Kids,” was co-written by three of Nashville's hottest songwriters:  Luke Laird, Shane McAnally and Rodney Clawson

"When I heard it, I knew I was gonna cut it,” Kenny says in a press release. “It was unlike anything I'd ever heard...and I listen to a lot of songs.  The rhythms, the images, the way the melody just grabs you and holds on, but even more importantly, it feels really good."  And considering the luck Kenny has had with McAnally in the past, we’re sure finding out about his involvement didn’t hurt either.

McAnally wrote “Come Over” and “Somewhere With You” which were both big hits for Kenny.  In this case, Kenny says he heard the new song while he was on a writing trip with Shane and fell in love with a line in the song, “A little messed up, but we're alright.”  The single 'American Kids' will officially be released June 20th and will be available to purchase digitally on June 23rd. And don’t forget that Kenny recently tweeted “9.30.14” – we’re guessing that’s when the album “American Kids” will belong to will find its release as well. Click to hear a clip of...American Kids.