Brad Paisley teamed up with the web series, "Annoying Orange," for a funny lyric video for "Limes," a track off his upcoming album, "Moonshine In The Trunk."

"I always wondered what my fruit spirit would be. Here you go," tweeted Paisley along with the animated video, in which he is portrayed as a lime wearing a cowboy hat and playing a guitar.  Paisley provides the voice for the character who complains to the "Annoying Orange" that all the limes are being tossed into the kitchen blender. The lead line in the song is, "When life gives you limes, you make margaritas."

And that’s not the only new music Brad shared with his fans this weekend. After posting a few clues on Twitter about his whereabouts, which turned out to be the NASA Launchpad, Paisley “leaked” another track,  “American Flag on the Moon.”

“Moonshine In The Trunk” will be released August 26. Click here to see...Limes.