Brad Paisley has taken his new music leaks to new heights: 220 miles above the surface of Earth, to be exact. For those keeping score, Brad’s been releasing tracks from his upcoming album, "Moonshine In The Trunk", via Twitter for the last three weeks. Along the way, he’s also posting texts and emails from industry powers-that-be asking him to stop.

He's even gotten famous friends including Carrie Underwood, Ludacris, Joan Rivers and wife Kimberly Williams Paisley in on the action.  As a result,  #leakingmoonshine has become a trending topic on Twitter, with fans eagerly awaiting each offering.  So what’d he do for the release of the song, “American Flag On The Moon?”  He got NASA involved, of course! And he showcased it all on YouTube. In the video Brad also says he's honored to be standing on a NASA launch pad.  He adds that he's a life-long "space geek," and is willing to do anything he can to help promote NASA and space exploration. 

During the event, Brad also exchanged tweets with astronaut Reid Wiseman, who Brad says jokingly questioned the wisdom of the idea. We think it’s outta this world on it’s own, but you can your hands on Brad’s "Moonshine” when it’s officially released everywhere – including Earth – next Tuesday.

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