Lady Antebellum raised the bar quite literally with the release of the music video for their latest single, “Bartender.” Aside from the fancy schmancy set, the trio recruited a couple of famous friends to play the leading roles.
Described by as “a vintage saloon with a glamorous edge,” the clip features supermodel Kate Upton and “Veep” actor Tony Hale drowning their troubles during a wild night of drinking battles.
The members of Lady A say they captured the spirit of the song while incorporating a few unexpected twists, even admitting this may well be their all-time favorite video.  "I think the one thing we did this time that we maybe didn't do in the past few years, when we start running into subject matter or even a melody that feels like we've done it before we would immediately just stop ourselves, like, 'No, we can't go down that road. Let's just stop and move on,'" Charles Kelley tells CMT. "So we really made a conscious effort to write songs that were completely different." Click here to check out the video for...Bartender.