By now you've seen Miss Texas pageant winner Monique Evans’ first pitch before last night Friday night's Angels-Rangers game. Warning, it was really bad. So what happened? Here's what she had to say:

"My goal of the afternoon was to get the ball over the plate," Evans said on KRLD-FM 105.3 on Monday. "But when I threw it, there must have been a breeze or something that took it to the side and down. There must have been, right?"

What about the ballet-style delivery?

"It's called an Arabesque, and I definitely love using the Arabesque," Evans said. "I think it's so beautiful. And I also wanted to add my own spin on the pitch and just kind of make it very personal, because I am a ballerina. I've been dancing since I was 2, and I think ballet is such a great art as well as a great sport, and I was just having fun with it."

So did she practice beforehand?

"I didn't practice at all. I was just hoping that this would work out. It would go right over the plate and everyone would clap instead of seeing the mascot and catcher just kind of look at the ball as it went by just like a drive-by."

It's nice to hear someone have a little fun with something that didn't go as planned. Well done, Miss Texas.

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