Wanna be the exception to the “everyone you know is getting divorced” rule? These 6 ways to stay hitched are a good start.

1. Wear rose-colored glasses- A new study found that as women, we're happiest when our husbands have rosier views of us than we have of ourselves, and vice versa. So, keep thinking the world of him, and you’ll be glad you did.

2. Cozy up to a romantic comedy- A study from “Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology” discovered that newly married couples who watched at least five movies about relationships a month and discussed them after were half as likely to get divorced over three years.

3. Skip date night- "Rent a motel room for a few hours" says Charles Orlando, author of The Problem with Women… Is Men. He says, "It keeps your spark alive by ensuring the focus of the night is the two of you, rather than your kids, work, or the laundry waiting for you at home.”

4. Don't be his therapist - "There are times when you think you can clearly see the solution, but telling your husband how he should change may rob him of finding the lesson himself and cause him to retreat," says Tonilyn Hornung, author of How to Raise a Husband. "That's not good for your relationship."

5. Stop snooping- "If you don't trust your husband, figure out why and talk to him directly about it," says marriage therapist Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D.

6. Stop arguing about dumb stuff- Stop nagging about his trail of toothpaste in the sink. "If you're getting seriously peeved by them, chances are a hidden issue is being triggered," says Marcie Pregulman, president of counseling service Love Your Relationship. "That's what you should be talking about--the deeper feelings underlying the annoyance--not the toothpaste debris."