This just seems TOO simple, doesn't it?  Most of us eat until we are stuffed! But experts say there's a way to eat less and feel full faster without dieting. It’s all about the plate you use, the utensils, and the order of what you eat.  Brian Wansink is a Cornell University professor and former executive director of the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. And he says he can prove the theory. "How much we eat and what we eat almost has nothing to do with how hungry we think we are,” he notes. “It's all psychological.”

To put the proof in the pudding, Wansink recently appeared on “The Today Show.” He set up a social experiment with a buffet line that was staged with smaller plates, utensils, and healthy food options at the front of the line. The first group of guests that were sent to this table piled the healthy stuff high, and only binged on the fatty pasta in small amounts.

The second group of guests were sent to a table with larger plates, utensils, and the carb loaded fatty foods were placed at the front of the buffet with the healthy options way at the end of the line.

What did the experiment find? The group with the bigger plates and serving spoons ate a jaw-dropping 56-percent more food, most of it pasta. And, did the placement of the food matter? Yes! 70% of what they ate were the first three items they saw.

If you want to trim fat off of your plate and pudgy little belly, try starting with healthy options like salad, and grab for smaller plates and serving spoons. Your less jiggly thighs will thank you (I didn't mean you have jiggly thighs)