In 1971, Congress declared August 26th -- the day in 1920 on which the 19th amendment, which gave American women the right to vote, was certified as law --Women's Equality Day

Women continue to fight for equality today, in 2014. Here are 8 things women couldn't do in 1971, when Women's Equality Day began, and 6 things we still can't do in 2014... CLICK HERE for the entire article from the Huffington Post. 

8 Things Women Couldn't Do In 1971...

1. Get credit cards in their own names.

2. Legally get an abortion.

3. Access the morning after pill. 

4. Be guaranteed they wouldn't be fired for getting pregnant. 

5. Marry another woman. 

6. Fight on the front lines. 

7. Take legal action against workplace sexual harassment. 

8. Decide not to have sex if their husbands wanted to. 


6 Things Women Still Can't Do In 2014...

1. Receive equal pay for equal work.

2. Name a female president. 

3. Marry another woman in any of the 50 states one chooses to live in.

4. Necessarily access an abortion. 

5. Be guaranteed paid maternity leave. 

6. Be sure their health insurance will cover contraception.

(Photo by Penelope Breese/Liaison) | Penelope Breese via Getty Images