Everyone has a favorite memory from the Mississippi Valley Fair... what's yours? Email me and tell me: Jillene@WLLR.com!

(One of) my favorite memories (it's so hard to choose!) was from the first year I was out at the fair, in 2011. We started a twitter campaign to get a tweet from Blake Shelton before his concert at the MVF. For more than 2 weeks, I personally sent out 5-10 tweets a day, and as the days went on, WLLR listeners were tweeting like mad too! FINALLY, the night before he was to perform at the fair, he responded!! :)

"@blakeshelton: '@JilleneJillene I'm so wrapped up in trying to get a tweet from @blakeshelton, I think I just burnt my dinner.' Don't blame that $h*T on me!"

I got a chance to meet Blake Shelton at the meet & greet that night, and I presented him with a STACK of pages that I'd printed off from all of our tweets over the last couple weeks. I even had him autograph it! :)

Our conversation (according to my Facebook archives) went something like this:

Me: "Thanks for the tweet last night!"

Blake: "Are you the one that was cooking?"

Me: "Yep, and tweeting you for 18 days."

Blake: "I saw this right as I was going to bed and clicked on your profile and thought, 'what the heck is she doing?'"

Me: (shocked and unable to speak, so I just laugh and smile)

Blake: "Sorry it took me so long."