I am about to blow your mind with this week's #tbt... 

Best friends, Senor Frogs, Cozumel, April 2004

This is a big year for me... 2014 marks 10 years since I've been out of high school. It's the year I'll celebrate my golden birthday, which as a kid, I always thought was sooo far away and by the time I made it there I'd be SO old. 

I've hit a couple "milestones" in the last few weeks, and there are more to come... and I can't wait to share them with you. :)

On March 25th, 2004: I had my final classes at high school, since I graduated early. I wouldn't have any more commitments to HS until our commencement in June. 

Sometime early April (I've struggled to find the exact date): Four best friends went on a senior break trip to Mexico. We drank margaritas on the beach, danced until sunrise, swam in the ocean and came back with an awesome tan for Prom...

(Which leads me to...) Next week will mark 10 years since my senior high Prom! Look for those pictures Thursday!

Until then, a few more from Mexico! Arrrrrrrrrrriba! :) 

We look like babies! 

Mexico was the first place we learned what a "bathroom attendant" was!