"SLINGSHOT" is a brand-new app, released a week ago... created by some of the Facebook developers, it is Snapchat's newest rival. 

On Slingshot, you send your friends "slings," pictures and videos, but they CANNOT open your sling until they send you one back. See what they did there? How many people do you know on Snapchat that open your snaps but NEVER reply? (I'm guilty as charged!) 

It's FREE for Android and Apple products and super easy to set up. You DO NOT need a Facebook account or anything to set up your Slingshot account... just a new username and phone number. 

CLICK HERE to download from the Google Play store for Android

CLICK HERE to download from iTunes 


When you do download Slingshot, look us up! Social Media Expert, John Marino's Slingshot username is "johnmarino." Mine is "JilleneJillene." 

Happy Slinging! cool

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