I am in LOVE with this week's #HotApp! I love to send out cards in the mail - not email, not mass text message - but PERSONALIZED cards to friends and family. Although it can be kind of a hassle... this week's app, "RED STAMP" brings it all together to make your own personalized cards. Keep this app in mind to send Valentine's cards not only to your special someone, but your neices and nephews, parents and friends you might be separated from.

Here's a review from Social Media Expert, John Marino... 

"The #HotApp of the Week for Valentine's is Red Stamp, the app that lets you upload your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pics into a template card and send in the mail to your sweet Valentine's this week.  The app is available for free to download in iTunes, Google Play and for the Kindle Fire.  There are over 120 templates to choose from and is a great option for the love of your life."

CLICK HERE to download in the iTunes app store

CLICK HERE to download for Android on Google Play

CLICK HERE for the app on Amazon