Don't you LOVE a good Buzzfeed quiz? Here's one I came across today... 
"What Type of Country Song Are You?" 
CLICK HERE to take the quiz for yourself! When you're done, share your answer with me at!
I took the quiz, and my results are...
You got: A Sexy Southern Song

You go after what you want, and nothing will get in your way. You live for the thrill of the chase in your red high heels. You’re proud, confident, and love to party with your best buds. So keep on rollin’, gypsy child! 

That sounds JUST like me... but my question is, why doesn't it give you any SONG examples? Lol... I guess I need YOUR help! What are some "sexy southern" songs?? Help me out! Email me,!


The results of this quiz were pretty accurate in my case... this is my collection of handheld musical instruments, including my hand-painted tambourine. :)